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I'll be at Magic City Comic Con this weekend Jan 15-17!
Artist Alley table A35

I'll be at SENYC this weekend June 6th-7th sharing a table with :iconjorgemv:
Pass by Table O8 and say what up!


Pac23 Store!

New prints now available here -


This Saturday I'll be exhibiting at the Creator Owned Expo in Ft. Lauderdale! Will have prints, books, the usual.. Hope to see some of you there!


Will be selling prints, books and other cool stuff so swing by the booth to say what up if you're attending!

Pac23 Store!

Preview of my double sided art book below-


I'll be at artist alley this year (Table K15) so pass by if you'll be attending.
Will have prints, books and other cool stuff with me.


Pinups or sequential pages. 
Note me for more info! 

Serious inquiries only please.


Here are some pics from my solo show's opening night and artwork available in the gallery at Kidrobot Miami -…

Single character + Coloring commissions available now.
Note or email me at 

First solo show for me, so it feels like a pretty big accomplishment.
Will post stuff from the show once it's up and displayed!

Hey there, here's the lame social media journal but I feel everyone's gotta do it sometime right?
You'll probably see some stuff that's not posted here on Deviantart.
You can find me in the following social media outlets -

Instagram - pac23
Facebook -…
Behance -
Tumblr -
Twitter -



Thanks to revolutionary big-wigs like Banksy, Lee Quinones, and Swoon,
Street Art is becoming more house-hold then forbidden fruit, more revered
than reprimanded, and more accepted than door-slammed. But of course,
even if your parents know who the Os Gemeos twins are, thanks to a
rather grandiose public art-making exhibition this past August, that doesn't
make street art any more palatable or easily categorized. Indeed: the
Street Art enigma has become ever-more abstract and hard to pin down:
are these artists graphic designers or law-breakers? Are these people
grocery-shopping regulars behind their elusive pseudonyms, or wild,
shark-punching booze-hounds? And, most importantly: why are they all
gathered in one room together?

Boston's Fourth Wall Project will be the petri dish for FEAR NO ART 4, an
exhibit showcasing the newest generation of street artists pulsating from
both sides of the US including, but not limited to: the fantasmic master-
mind behind tokidoki, the brazen SLICK of dissizit, the architecturally
obscure Augustine Kofie, the vibrant hip-hop cavalier TooFly, Caleb
Neelon (was here), and madman muralist Raul Gonzalez, just to name
a few. All of these about-to-break-free-artists have been gathered by the
enigmatic Marka27, a graphic design extraordinaire, creator of minigods,
and a prolific artist in his own right, is undeniably the link chaining this
unique collective together. Undoubtedly, this amalgamation of talent is
sure to create some sort of combustion, and you're officially invited to light
the first match.

Join us for the opening of FEAR NO ART 4 at the Fourth Wall Project on
November 10th and see what street freak flags will be flying on both US
coasts to come.

For more info visit,

Fear No Art 4 Featured Artists:


Simone Legno

Shane Jessup

Augustine Kofie

Kenji Nakayama

Caleb Neelon

Raul Gonzalez

Cern One


Gigi Bio

Don Rimx

Jesse Hernandez

Sket One



Can't wait!
Will be walking around, no table for me.
Hope to run into some of you peeps.


Thursday, June 21st I will be at the KidRobot Miami Store from 6-8pm. Hope to see some of you there!


Blog -
Follow me on Twitter! -!/pac23art
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Dunny 2012 Series preview is now online!
Try and pick up my Dead Astronaut design!

I designed a 3" Dunny for the new Dunny 2012 Series from Kidrobot that will be released in June.
Keep an eye out for it and more info soon!


Collaborative commissions with :iconryudan:
Please send either one of us a note if interested.


Just gave my blog a little revamp.
Submitted my work and now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.
I'd really appreciate your vote! -->…